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At Badapples, we provide professional, reliable and fast service at reasonable prices. And we stand behind our work for a full 30 days.  

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Do you have something you consider a valuable possession? Perhaps you hold sentimental value over certain items like an heirloom, photographs, or some jewelry. For others, it may be their cars, home, or certain investments like businesses and things you have splurged plenty of cash on.


The point is that each person has specific items they consider important or valuable enough to treasure and take care of. But many will agree that most people nowadays consider their phones to be one of their most vital belongings – something they don’t want to risk misplacing.


As we are currently in a digital era, every personal or critical information is now stored within our phones, including memorable photos, videos, files, and documents, among many others. More than that, it’s also valuable for the convenience it brings to our everyday life.


The existence of smartphones has significantly elevated our quality of life because of the many benefits they offer. With smartphones, you have easy access to information within a few clicks. You can also stay connected with loved ones wherever you are and communicate with them whenever you want. Smartphones have made communication, connection, and work easier simply because they’re portable devices that store most of the information you need daily.


Because of this reason, it’s almost beyond frustrating when your phone stops working or breaks. While it may easy for some to simply purchase a new phone, not all the data stored in your phone may be salvageable if you haven’t initially backed them up in a cloud drive. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of iPhone repair options to go to if you want your phone to function and run once more. Whether your problem’s a worn-out battery or a cracked LED screen, there’s a solution for that.


Bad Apples is a mobile service that provides a wide range of iPhone repairs such as iPhone screen repair, and battery replacement, among many other things. Unlike other iPhone repair services, we come to you to address the concerns and issues you’re facing with your phone. Here, you don’t have to go through the hassle of hopping from one store to the other in hopes of discovering a trustworthy repair shop that can best deliver your needs.


With Bad Apples, you get an iPhone repair that comes to you instead. Our team of experienced technicians will go to the customer’s preferred place using our truck, where we fix your iPhones conveniently and promptly. You can guarantee that your phone will be functional and working well in no time.



This may probably come off as a no-brainer question to most, but there’s usually still a dilemma between needing to repair broken phones or if the effort isn’t worth it at all. In fact, most people usually forego repairing phones because it’s difficult and inconvenient. With premium, high-quality smartphones like iPhones, it’s usually better to bring them to a repair shop since it’s the most cost-effective option than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on new flagship phones. It would be wise to consider that since you’ve already spent a great deal of money on your current iPhone, it will only be a waste to consider it obsolete because of minor and otherwise repairable damages.


But besides being cost-effective, choosing to repair your phone is also an excellent way to create more eco-friendly tech habits. Of course, tech enthusiasts may often get enticed with the prospect of owning the latest, shiniest, newest, and most advanced phone there is on the market, but there isn’t really any point in splurging money for a new phone just for the purpose of upgrading. Diving headfirst into purchasing a new phone every after minor damage only contributes to carbon emissions which can be detrimental to the environment.


That’s why sticking with your current iPhone and bringing it for repair is better since it’s an eco-friendly option and is also easy on your wallet. It also teaches you to be thrifty and how you can be more practical by maintaining tech products instead of going with the flow of digital consumerism. 


Suppose you’ve already made up your mind and are planning to bring your phone to a repair shop – the question then is, which shop do you go? Do you go to the Apple store or a local iPhone repair store instead?

Nothing is wrong with either option; however, many people nowadays opt to have their iPhones repaired in local repair stores or shops that offer iPhone repair services because of many factors. These include coverage, convenience, and price.


Apple store’s out-of-warranty repairs tend to come with a 90-day or three months guarantee which is already a decent offer. Many repair shops also provide solid and great warranty coverage on their own, some of which also extend to 90 days on all services and parts.


Of course, convenience is also a major factor as to why many iPhone owners would rather have their phones repaired in a local shop. Even more so with Bad Apples, since it’s an iPhone repair service that comes to your model for repair instead.

It’s worth noting that scheduling and even obtaining an appointment with Apple Store is a tough challenge. Most times, people have to wait several days for a vacancy in their schedules. This isn’t usually a good thing if your iPhone especially needs urgent repair. And while it’s true that some Apple stores accept walk-in customers, the waiting time is still insufferably long and can last for hours on end.

On the other hand, the services of independent repair shops are much more efficient and faster than the Apple Store. Some stores even offer same-day service, with Bad Apple itself offering an estimate of 30 minutes for your iPhone to be repaired and fixed into top-notch condition.


It is no surprise that the Apple Store charges higher out-of-warranty fees compared to independent iPhone repair stores. However, the amount you need to pay mainly depends on the extent of damage and the iPhone model, though you can typically expect an average fee of $599 if you have no AppleCare coverage. 



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5 star review  A few weeks ago I went out to have fun with my friends. It was inevitable for me to lose my balance and fall in front of the bar when I missed too much alcohol. Meanwhile, I noticed that the iPhone X screen in my pocket was shattered. When I woke up the next day, I immediately called Ben. We arranged a meeting for lunch that day.
We met at the cafe opposite my office during my lunch break. In as little as 20 minutes, my phone was ready to use like new.
Thank you again for that Ben

thumb Sara Hoxha
June 29, 2021

5 star review  Very nice guys. Come with Van and repair my iPhone 11 in 25 minutes. Thanks for your service. You saved my day.

thumb Sindi Zane
May 29, 2021

5 star review  Unfortunately I had dropped my iphone 8 Plus and cracked the screen in multiple spots. I need my phone for work so I had to replace immediately. I called in, was informed about prices, warranty’s and time estimations. And we met in a cafe and told it’d be about 20 minites and sure enough, the phone was repaired in a timely manner with absolutely everything functioning. I will definitely be back in.

thumb Saimir Dedja
June 29, 2021