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miami shores iphone repair: DIY or hire ProsWhat do you do when accidentally jump into a Miami swimming pool with your iPhone still in your pocket? What about if your iPhone plays chicken with the hard tile floor of your patio all thanks to the touch screens’ enemy #1, gravity? Of course, you curse! But then what happens after that?First of all, you realize this is not an iPhone only problem, millions of smartphone and tablet users around the world are just fed up with how easily touch screen glass breaks even though advertised as unbreakable. To make matters worse, manufacturer repairs are a lengthy, tiresome and costly process.

One option is to try and replace the new iPhone 4 you bought for $199 so it costs you $500 or more to cover the two-year contract. That narrows it down to two things; DIY or hire a third-party iPhone repair serviceCommon repairs needed by iPhone usersSo, what are the most common problems that face iPhone users?• Worn battery• Cracked screen• Blown LCD• Hydrated iPhone• Malfunction

DIYDepending on the nature of damage on inflicted on your iPhone, it may be a brilliant idea to try to fix it on your own or a really terrible one.If done right, DIY iPhone repair is your least inexpensive option that could save your big bucks but make the slightest rookie mistake and you’re a done for. Of course the inherent risk depends on the type f repairs that you are trying to effect and so it is extremely important that you don’t go way over your head and overestimate your electronic repair skills as this could cost you dearly.Please don’t watch repairman videos on youtube and pretend that you have taken a course on Miami shores iPhone repairs and that you can take on any iphone problem. That is the path taken by most people who find themselves in the city of “I Wish I Had Just Hired Someone Competent”. We are not saying that all those “how to” videos are untrue, it is just that a majority of them are made by rookies like yourself masquerading as experts. Other videos are marketing efforts by replacement parts manufacturers that are mean to make look overly easy. They just want you to buy the product and that’s it, what you do with it afterward is not their business.

Another problem with instructional videos on iphone repair is that they sometimes show you how to tear your phone apart (the easy part) but somehow stop soon thereafter and forget to show you in great detail how to reassemble the phone back (the hardest part). You think you did right just to find a few components left on the bench after you have replaced the covers and needless to say, your iPhone is still a brick. Again, even if you can get it to boot up, sometimes improper installation will accelerate the damage to the same or other parts of the phone.

That said, DIY is still a fun and fairly safe way to go especially if you have a knack for fixing electronics and you are confident you can safely pull it off. Statistically, about half of all broken iPhone repairs are within the DIY wheelhouse but the thing is that sometimes it can be hard to tell what is wrong with your phone without the proper diagnostic tools and techniques. There are screen replacement kits all over the internet and those too encourage you to go with this option just to get you to purchase their screens and parts.

Pros• Save moneyPerhaps the biggest advantage of DIY iPhone repairs is that you spend way much less than other options because you don’t have to pay for technician services. If you're scammed into buying fake parts though, it is your loss.• Save timeThe time delay between ordering parts online and receiving the shipment could be less than the standard five days wait at Apple dealerships. If you are successful, you will be able to restore your phone to tip top shape from the comfort of home. You will still take more time than you would need to have it fixed at a third party miami shores iphone repair service while you wait.• A bit of fun for someIf you have always enjoyed fixing things for as long as you can remember, all logic says you shouldn’t experiment with your newly acquired iPhone 6 but you are going to do it anyway so best of luck.• Bragging rightsFixing your own iPhone could be something you want to brag about to your friends and haters too. It is a milestone achieved if successful, that could make you’re the go to iPhone guru among your friends and co-workers.Cons• You risk bricking the phone completelyThere is always that probability that your phone will never boot again even if it was working just fine except now it’s all on you. People have totally wrecked a goo phone trying to replace a cracked but functional screen.• Not as easy as they seemsPulling your iphone apart might not as easy as it seems from watching instructional videos. The phone is sealed and made to stay that way and without the perfect tools for the job, also from the manufacturer, you might at the very least break something however little that will affect how it all fits back together. Glue comes off easily only on instructional videos plus fixing the new screen with the right amount of glue for a firm and professional finish takes some getting used to.• Durability of parts and results not guaranteedSome parts ordered online do no come with any real warranties and you can never be too sure how long your repairs will last or if you just triggered a chain of catastrophic failures.• Voids your warranty

You are not an Apple technician and your living room is not their store so the moment you open the casing your warranty for all manufacturing defects is null and void. If it is already half past that, then you have nothing to it now but still things could go anyway.Hiring Miami shores iphone repair servicesProsFor most people, the best options are to hire trusted third party Miami shores iphone repair companies like us. Of course, you can return it to the Apple store where you bought it for repairs but that is much more expensive not to mention it takes too long, seems like forever. With us, you get best quality repair services and genuine parts straight from the manufacturer and for the right price too. We also guarantee our repairs and provide manufacturer’s warranty for most replacement parts.

• More cost effective compared to manufacturer repairsYou will find our repair service to be offering some of the most competitive rates despite the fact that we use the best quality of parts and also employ the best talent Miami has to offer.• Quick turnaround with while you waitWe are fast and precise. With a well-defined problem, your phone will be back up in just minute maybe hour tops.• Better equipment and techniques for better quality of repairs with durable results• In-house miami shores iphone repair service will come to you for convenience, the manufacturer won't.We offer to come over to your location to save you time and effort of coming to our shop. This service is convenient for many of our customers who are busy people. You let us do what we do best for you while you keep doing your thing.• genuine partswe are very good at fixing iPhones and we use only high-quality genuine replacement parts with warranty and all for the right price.• Warranty for repair work doneWith warranty for repair work we do, you are covered for the same problem for the period specified. Again this shows how much confidence we have in the quality and durability of our miami shores iphone repair work• Nearly perfect success rate

Provided your iPhone is not completely bricked, you can be almost 100% sure that our capable technicians will get it back working properly.Obviously, this article is biased towards getting more people to prefer our excellent services. And now that that disclaimer is out of the way, feel free to shop around just to best sure that we are charging you less than all our competitors for your peace of mind.

Final thoughts on Miami shores iphone repairEven if you really enjoy tinkering with all things electronics and can help it but open all your devices as soon as the warranty is void just to take a peek at the interior, experimenting on your new iPhone 7 is not a very brilliant idea. It is not like there is so much serviceable on the inside just by looking at it. Your best shot is to call us so we can fix it fo you. we supply any parts needed on the spot so you can go back to your awesome user experience. In case you haven’t noticed, Apple is the mother of proprietary, they like to keep their tech a black box, you interact with it on the user interface provided and leave what goes on inside to the experts!

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